Black-owned businesses in U.S. cities: The challenges, solutions, and opportunities for prosperity

At a January 17 event marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, “From Reconstruction, to Jim Crow, to the present day, our economy has never worked fairly for Black Americans—or, really, for any American of color.” Yellen’s remarks were an acknowledgement that U.S. policymakers have established racially tilted rules for the economy, […]

Operation HOPE Continues Streak of Impressive Growth with Release of 2022 Annual lmpacts

 Operation HOPE, a national nonprofit dedicating to helping low-and moderate income Americans thrive in an ever-changing economy, announced its top-line results for 2022. Celebrating its 30th year, Operation HOPE continued its impressive streak of growth by expanding its national footprint of locations, growing its portfolio of top-tier partner organizations and serving a record number of clients.  Recognized as American […]

Darren Walker, Pres Ford Foundation

I have lived on both sides of American inequality. I began life in the bottom 1 percent but found my way to the top. And I know, all too personally, that the distance between the two never has been greater.

Operation Hope Report

As of May 2020, the African American community stands at the door of a double crisis: First, African Americans make up approximately 40 percent of the overall fatality rates tied to COVID-19, according to the latest numbers

ATL Black Restaurants

Like so many modern American cities, Atlanta’s hospitality scene is its biggest cultural draw for both locals and visitors. New restaurants, breweries, bars and cafes open seemingly every day. Food and beverage establishments anchor the myriad mixed-use