Diversity & Inclusion

Roseland Concessions sets the direction for Diversity & Inclusion activities that align with company’s Strategic plan and supports the achievement of key business objectives. We partner with company’s teams and businesses in support of their Diversity & Inclusion goals and strategies. We support company’s efforts around diversity recruitment, team member engagement, diversity learning, supplier diversity and philanthropy. We work with company’s Diversity & Inclusion leaders, Executive Sponsors, Diversity & Inclusion Councils, Employee Resource Groups and the HR teams to provide consulting expertise and support on the development and execution of Diversity & Inclusion strategies, initiatives and programs. We will establish relationships with company’s external diversity partners and prepare presentations for companies at forums and events. We design and implement Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, programs, and partnerships that support company’s business objectives and values. We consult with company’s divisions in the completion of their annual Diversity & Inclusion Strategy report and oversee the planning and preparation supporting the Diversity Board meetings.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Roseland Concessions drives the company’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy with a focus on communicating how  Diversity & Inclusion contributes to core business strategies as well as business results. We develop Diversity & Inclusion metrics, ROI’s and devise ongoing measures that support the evolution of Diversity & Inclusion as cultural anchors.  We benchmark and provide avenues for implementation of best-in-class strategies within diversity strategies and programs.  We advocate for and provide executive programmatic oversight of Diversity & Inclusion spheres of influence such as diversity councils, team member and resource groups to ensure their strategic impact on the business.  We serve as a thought-partner to senior leadership in designing and implementing company-wide changes to ensure diversity, inclusion, and equity are embedded for Diversity & Inclusion Leaders, Executive Sponsors, Diversity & Inclusion Councils, Employee Resource Groups, HR Teams and business leaders.  We collaborate with members of leadership to develop and maintain strategic partnerships with corporate partners , community organizations and other entities.